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Delmar T. Spivey - Faculty Profile

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Delmar T. Spivey
Department: Admin
Position: Superintendent
Service: 1956 - 1976
Taps: 1982
College/Military: U.S.M.A. 1928
General Spivey become Superintendent succeeding the late Col. W.E. Gregory in September 1956.

He came to Culver after a brillant career in the U.S. Army Air Force. In 1943, attached to the Eighth Air Force, he was shot down in a B-17 on a mission over Germany, While a prisioner of war he was senior officer in a camp of 9500 Air Force Officers.

He authored a book in 1984 on his experiences as the senior American POW officer in Stalag Luft III (Center Compound). The book is titled: "POW Odyssey" (link to Amazon.com).

General Spivey was an outstanding leader.

His frendly, forthright, and matter-of-fact approach to our problems was a great factor in a renewing surge of the "spirit" which refreshingly pervaded our pattern of living in every phase of school life.

Ginny Spivey, wife of General Spivey, was hostess to students and VIPs of the Academy. She died in 1997.