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Edward Stephenson - Faculty Profile

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Edward Stephenson
Department: Admin
Position: Commandant
Service: 1942 - 1972
Taps: 1990
College/Military: University of Missouri, U.S.M.A. B.S.; Colonel, I.N.G.
Aide to Commandant. He was appointed to this position in 1953 after serving as Company B Tactical Officer and Aide to the Commandant.

With his ramrod-straight posture, booming voice and West Pointer's air of command he commanded a great deal of respect from the Corps. We were cadets at Culver Military Academy, and Colonel Stephenson would hold us to the same standards of close-order drill that he had learned at the U. S. Military Academy.

He had the most impressive salute on the faculty and staff. He embodied excellence and was our example of the perfect officer.

To many of us he was the image of dicipline and honor that were two of the Culver cornerstones that became our life foundation.

After retirement Ed and Helen moved to St. Simon's Island Georgia. He died in 1990.

LAKE CITY FLORIDA - Helen A. Stephenson, aged 91 years, of Lake City Florida, the widow of Edward Stephenson (Sr.), the fourth Commandant of Cadets at Culver Military Academy, died in the late afternoon of Wednesday, December 28, 2005 at The Health Center of Lake City.

She was born, on Thursday, September 10, 1914, in Fort Smith Arkansas, to the late T. Oscar and Eda Margaret Abbott.

She was predeceased by, in addition to her parents and her husband, a brother, Thomas O. Abbott, Jr.

She is survived by a brother a son, and two daughters, respectively: Norman R. Abbott of Oklahoma City Oklahoma; Edward Stephenson, Jr. of Norwalk Connecticut (CMA '61); M. Caroline Stephenson of High Springs Florida (CMA '63), and; Anne E. Stephenson of Bloomington Indiana (CMA '76).

Though she never fully acclimated to life above the Mason-Dixon Line, she immersed herself, with zeal, in the natural beauty surrounding her in the State of Indiana, and imparted her passion for things natural to her children and their circle of friends.