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Welcome to the Culver Alumni Class of 1963


Back, back to Culver days, the song my heart sings ever,
No matter where I roam, 'tis Culver, Culver, Culver!


Dear Fellow Classmates,

Those words that we all once sang together have indeed come to reality in my life. After my wife passed away almost five years ago and with my children all grown, I began to contemplate what I wanted to do for the rest of my working career. The more I thought about it, the more I determined to return to where I started my career - secondary education. Of course, it only seemed natural to return to the place that played such a formidable role in my life and where I began my career in teaching in 1970. I retired from my twenty-six year investment career and came back to those "Culver days."

We all know the words of Thomas Wolfe, "you can't go home again." That is indeed true. Not only have I changed, so has Culver. But, there is a lot familiar about this special place. The campus is as beautiful (and isolated) as always; the cadets still march and wear uniforms; the academics are rigorous and the faculty dedicated; parades are much as they used to be; and reveille is still at 0630 (except when there is a sleep-in!).

More important are the familiar faces that continue to inhabit this place. I periodically have lunch or dinner with old friends Bob Hartman and King Moore. Other retires in town I see occasionally include Jerry Thomas, Chan Mitzell, Chet Marshall, Al Pare, Ron Noel, and Al Bunner. Classmates abound as well. Bill Roth continues to devote his teaching life to the school and vows to continue until our 50th reunion year. Dick Swennumson spends much of his time here at the lake with his wife Mary Anna. I see or talk with my dear friend Brad Schooley down in Indianapolis on a regular basis. Gene Palmer and Mike Atkinson have been here recently to begin planning for our upcoming reunion.

Much is new at Culver, however. New buildings, new sports, a new Commandant, the block schedule, more student freedoms, and, most significantly, girls (at least new to us "old-timers") have all become a part of our school.

I am extraordinarily blessed to be back at the place which left such an indelible mark on my life. I reflected often during my life, as I'm sure you have, on the lessons learned here and the friendships which continue to this day. Let's all come back to those "Culver days," be with old friends, and share where our lives have taken us. See all that is new at the same time.

As Mike and Gene begin making plans for the 45th, put May 16-18, 2008 on your calendars now. That is only a few short months away, and at our age time moves very quickly! Mike and Gene promise a great weekend for you and your family. Importantly, we also have planning work to do for our 50th reunion in 2013, and we want everyone to be part of that process.

To hear the bugle call - old memories how they thrill me,
And proud am I of Culver - and to be a Culver man.


John M Bartlett, '63

Visit Our Legacy Class Website
You can visit our legacy class website at www.CMA63.com. We have recently posted photos and video interviews of our 45th Reunion in the Memorabilia section of the CMA63 website.
Our Class Website
The purpose of this website is to step back in time to those days when we were all together at Culver. Then, with all of the update profiles that our classmates will provide, we will we will be able to chronicle the lives of our class members to share the last forty-five years in our journey through life. Like a time machine you will be able to experience over 7000 life years with all of our classmates.

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