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Class of 1966 - Alphabetical

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Class Stats

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Reunion45th Reunion Attendence
Scott Addis Company D 5th
Hugh Akin Battery C
Harold Alderman Company E Missing
Jack Allen Company C 5th    
Alan Austin Battery A

Tom Bachman Troop A    
Jeffrey Bains Company C
Tom Baker Company D
Tucker Barnhart Company E Taps
Eugene Barton Company B
Dennis Bartter Battery A
Tom Berger Band
Brian Blood Troop B
Robert Bradfield Band
Dave Breech Company C
Mark Brewer Troop A    
Howard Brickman Company B
Warren Briggs Company A Taps
James Britton Troop A
Jim Brooks Battery B    
Lew Brown Company D Taps
Dennis Buck Battery B
Tim Burst Troop A Taps    
Tom Burton Troop A

Frank Cantwell Battery C
Chuck Case Battery A
Lyle Chapman Company E    
Bob Cobean Company B
Richmond Coburn Company B
Bill Combs Battery B Taps
Greg Connelly Band    
Greg Copeland Company A Taps
Jim Coplan Company C Taps
Gerald Corbett Troop B
David Crawford Band 5th Missing
Dean Crist Troop A
Greg Crosbie Band Taps
Tony Curtis Battery C

Mark Day Company B Taps
Geoffrey de Mers Battery C
Peter DePrez Battery C
Buddy Doenges Troop B Taps    
Calvin Dugas Company A
Walter Durrett Troop A    

John Eckert Company D
Bud Eisenberg--now go by Seth Troop A    
John English Company A Missing
Dave Estes Band    

William Ferguson Battery A
Jim Field Battery C
Philip Fischer Troop A
John Fisher Band 5th
Mike Fleming Troop B    
Walter Fletcher Battery C Missing
Philip Fortmeyer Band
Tony Foster Troop A
Rob France Battery A Taps

Graham Geralds Troop B
Ross Gill Company E 5th    
Rick Gimbel Battery C Taps
Robert Gleeson Battery B
Reilly Glore Troop B 5th    
Ken Goldberg Company D
Mark Gross Battery B Missing
Harvey Grove Company D
Dave Gruen Battery C Taps
Ed Gumphrey Company E

Gary Haas Company B    
Richard Hall Battery A Missing
Lee Halper Company B
Russell Hamilton Battery B Taps
Jeffrey Hand Company B
David Hanes Battery C
Tim Hardin Company B    
Booth Harris Troop A
Thomas Hauser Company D Taps
Michael Hawley Battery B Taps
John Hendricks Company B
David Hershberger Band
Phillip Hodgin Band    
John Howland Company C
James Hoyt Company B 5th
Don Hutchins Battery A Taps

Robert Jackson Battery A
Frank Johanson Battery B Missing
Henry Johnston Battery A Taps
Wayne Jones Troop A
Edward Jones Battery B Taps

James Katz Company C
Ross Kelly Battery B Taps
Harry Kitch Battery C
Robert Kling Troop A    
Phillip Knox Battery B    
Charles Kokesh Battery C
Dave Kubiak Company A Taps
Erik Kuiler Battery A
Mike Kulka Troop A Missing

Tom Lacy Battery A    
Bob LaMontagne Troop B    
Bill Latz Troop A    
Douglas Liskow Battery C Taps
David Lloyd Troop A
Randy Lowe Company C Taps
Don Lowman Company B
Lawrence Lowman Troop B

Dick Mackey Battery C
Jon Mackey Troop A Taps
Duncan MacLeod Battery A
William MacLeod Band Missing
Wayne Marshall Troop B Missing
Clyde Martin Troop B
Jonathan Martin Band Taps
John Maull Company A Taps
Bruce McDonald Band Taps
Donald McIntosh Company E
Norman Mears Company C 5th Missing
David Mehrtens Troop A Missing
Bill Middleton Troop A
Douglas Miller Troop A Taps
Charles Mitchell Company B
Jeanne Montis (Brabant) Girls Day Student
Carlos Montufar Troop B
David Moritz Troop B
Tom Morley Battery A Taps    

Edward Nell Company E 5th Taps
James Nelson Company B
Steven Nichols Troop A    
Joe Nixon Band
Doug Norton Company E    
George Norton Battery B

Terry O'Hara Band
Harriet O'Neil (Scruggs) Girls Day Student
Rick Ollett Battery C
Tony Oppenheimer Company B 5th
Greg Osborn Company C    
Gerry Overholser Band
Ed Overmyer Battery B    

John Packel Battery A Taps
Steve Patterson Band
Robert Pauker Company C 5th
Sandy Perle Company C
Chris Phillips Company E
Doc Pierce Company A
Gary Pond Company C Taps    
Chuck Powell Battery A    
Mark K. Powers Band

Jose Rabasa Company A Missing
Dante Raggio Company B    
Robert Ramsay Company D
Stephen Rapport Troop B Missing
Ed Razek Company D 5th
Thomas Richardson Company E    
Dennis Richter Band
John Rinehart Band
Jay Romig Company C 5th Taps
Jose Rosado Company D    
Glenn Ross Battery C Missing
Peter Rossow Battery A 5th    
Tim Rouch Company C Missing

Fred Schlicher Troop A    
Andy Schoenhofen Troop A Taps
Mike Schrage Company D    
Stuart Scott Battery A
John Scoutten Troop B Taps
James Shellenberger Company D 5th
Robert Shoemaker Troop A
Clay Skinner Battery B
Benjamin Slavich Company A
Thomas Small Company E Missing
Walt Smith Battery C    
Harry Stants Company C
Jerry Stephenson Company C Taps
Jed Stevenson Company D
Walt Strzalkowski Band

James Taber Troop A Taps
Scott Talkington (Jones) Troop B
Ron Terrazas Battery A
Daniel Thomas Band Missing
Scott Thompson Company A Missing
John Tucker Troop B Missing
Betty Turner (Zieg) Girls Day Student

Peter Van Dusen Band
Kelly Vance Company B
Don Vickers Troop B    
Bob Voorhees Company B

Dennis Walker Battery B
Dick Wallace Company A
Titus Weindorf Troop B
Ken Welch Band 5th    
Kent Werle Battery B    
Steve Wilson Troop A 5th
Morgan Winget Battery A Taps    
John Woodruff Company C Taps

Gary Young Company A    

Steven Zanetis Company A
Philip Zorn Company B

Class '66 Stats 
Graduated 196 100%
Deceased 39 19.9%
AWOL (Missing Address) 20 10.2%
Net Active Alumni 137 69.9%
Will Attend Reunion 36 29.9%
Began in 5th Class 17 8.7%
Coeds 3 1.5%
Email Addresses 120 87.6%
Updated Profiles 38 19.4%
Updated Photo 66 48.2%
Alumni Logins 61 44.5%

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